The Innolab Cafe app. So Rewarding.

Get the best of the Innolab Cafe experience right at your fingertips. Use our mobile app to order ahead and enjoy contactless payment or to track the Rewards you’ve earned.

Order online, redeem rewards, send an e-Gift, order ahead, and so much more.

Mobile Order & Pay

Just open InnoLab Cafe app, explore the menu, customize your order just how you like it, and enjoy contactless payment. From there, choose pickup date and time that is best for you. Here’s a quick guide to getting your favorite Innolab Cafe drinks and food – all on the mobile app.

1. Download & Join

Download the latest InnoLab Cafe app from the App Store for iPhone and on Google Play Store for Android.
Set up your Innolab Cafe account, and you’re all ready to earn points with every purchase using the app.

2. Order ahead

Tap the drinks and foods buttons on the screen. Customize your order with your favorites, then select the dine in or pick up option. Select your date and time.

3. Pickup & Enjoy

Skip the queue, head to the counter and pickup your order!

More features on the App

Earn and Track Points & Rewards
Redeem Rewards via Mobile Order & Pay
Pay with your Phone
Auto-Reload your Card or Reload on the Go
Send eGift to Your friends
Discover new launches and promotions